Autex Interior Acoustics


Ceiling Distributors are proud distributors of AUTEX INTERIOR ACOUSTIC Products.

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  • Autex Interior Acoustics have a wide range of products developed to suit commercial office spaces, education fields, hospitality, and entertainment areas such as theatres and auditoriums.
  • Autex Interior Acoustics products are made from 100% polyester, meaning they are safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and contain no irritants They contain no chemical binders and are certified low VOC.
  • Not only are they highly durable but they also hold a Group 1 Fire Rating.
  • They are acoustic innovation leaders, dedicated to product development. Autex products are the premium solution to controlling reverberated noise.
  • Lightweight, easy to install and suitable for both new builds and retrofitting, Autex Interior Acoustics products can fit all your needs!
  • Ceiling Distributors are excited to announce that we can provide custom colour printing and specialised cutting to suit your requirements. Contact us now!

The products include Vertiface, Composition Acoustic Fabric, Acoustic Peel & Stick tiles, Symphony Acoustic Wall Fabric, Workstation, Vivace, Cube, Quietspace Frontier, Quietspace 3D Tiles, Quietspace Panel,
Quietspace Horizon, Quietspace Ceiling Tiles, Quietspace Lattice, Quietspace Accent Ceiling Tiles, & Cove

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