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Bond, Mount and Seal

Available in 3 colours – White, Grey and Black

Not to be confused with a silicone sealant, TEC7 is a solvent free MS polymer based product that bonds, seals and mounts…even under water!

TEC7 is the original all-rounder. For more than 20 years now, TEC7 has been the best-known sealant for bonding, sealing and fastening. When it really has to be good, professionals and experienced handymen reach for the TEC7 tube. And rightly so! TEC7 is the first choice for 80% of all applications. TEC7 replaces mounting, wood and PU adhesive, silicone sealant, acrylate adhesive, etc.
fast curing
permanently flexible and resists vibrations
applicable both indoors and outdoors
cures shrink-free

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White, Grey, Black

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