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Rockfon MediCare Block

Specifically designed for use in high-risk, pressurised healthcare environments where high cleanability is required such as emergency rooms, washing facilities and intensive care (compliant with HBN 00-10, TDM 4032:0.6 and HTM 60). For use in operating theatres, seek client approval.
Does not contribute to the growth of MRSA, high-rated Bacteriological Class B1 and Clean Room Classification ISO Class 2
Very good cleanability properties, chemical resistance classification ‘Excellent’
Vacuum Damp cloth Disinfectants (diluted) Steam cleaning Pressure cleaning


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  • Mineral wool panel encased within an air- and watertight inert film
  • Sealed edges
Edges A24
Dimensions Length min. – max. mm Width min. – max. mm 600 – 1200 600
Colour White
Texture inert film
Light reflection 74%
αw 0.85
NRC 0.85
Reaction to fire
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