Armstrong AXIOM™ Perimeter Trim – Melbourne

AXIOM Perimeter Trim can give your next space a unique, crisp feel. The AXIOM family offers dramatic visuals with a variety of flat vertical trims and design profiles. Armstrong AXIOM is a custom perimeter trim system designed for use with any Armstrong acoustical or plasterboard suspension system. Knife Edge AXIOM is a one-of-a-kind profile with a thin, weightless look – the perfect alternative to a traditional, flat vertical profile. AXIOM is made from extruded aluminium and offers precise detailing and quality that you can’t get with steel. Pre-mitred corners make installation easy for custom geometric designs like rectangles, squares or serrated edges. Selecting the right visual around the ceiling perimeter is as important as choosing the right frame for a work of art. AXIOM is more than a solution for light coves and transitions. Used straight, subtle or sharp, the refined look of the prefinished extruded aluminium is functional and visionary. With three unique designs to choose from, Classic, Knife Edge and Profiled, AXIOM Perimeter Trims provide “simple to install” and cost effective perimeter solutions to any Armstrong ceiling system

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