Autex Cascade Screens

Open plan environments never need to feel overwhelming as we bring
you our most stylish and forward thinking solution to create privacy.
Autex Cascade Screens™, just like its name suggests, is a collection of acoustic hanging screens that simply fall from the ceiling in unique patterns designed with your privacy in mind.

As a result, this allows light and line of sight to penetrate through, leaving the feeling of an open space while creating spatial privacy.

Autex Cascade Screens Versatility

The Autex Cascade Screens are the ideal acoustic solution for open plan environments due to their versatility. These acoustic panels hang directly from the ceiling to provide privacy while also allowing the feeling of an open space. The unique patterns provide visual elements to the design and also allow light to penetrate through.

Cascade Folding Screens are also designed with carefully placed cuts to create texture and volume in 3D patterns which add creative design elements to spaces.

The screens also feature geometric patterns that include clever hinges, shapes can simply fold forward or back to create depth. This brings a once static screen to life.

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