Timber Acoustic Panels Perforated & Slotted Ceilings & Walls

Ceiling Distributors provides a range of Timber Acoustic Panels and Ceiling Tiles

These state of the art modular systems making the installation of timber slatted timber ceilings and walls easier than ever.

Acoustic absorption is also the unseen hero in many commercial spaces. They not only add functionality but also form to a space. Further, our range of stunning timber acoustic panels and ceiling tiles provide an advantage, allowing sound to flow between and behind the slats rather than echoing in the space.

 Slotted Ceilings and Walls

When in use with acoustic insulation and other specific applications, Timber has been proven to achieve Noise Reduction Coefficient results as high as 0.9.

Further you can count on Timber to deliver superb acoustic absorption, making for productive and comfortable workplaces. Timber also provides linear timber walls and suspension ceilings. It is a unique, patent-pending, clip on design which also provides a timber look your clients will love!

Further, this system provides a stunning, practical alternative to traditional timber wall and ceilings. They are also free from typical constraints on budgets, installation, and deadlines.

Explore the wide range of Timber Acoustic Panels and Ceiling Tiles and solutions below.

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